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You may need to move your excess inventory in a hurry for a variety of reasons. Maybe you need to free up valuable real estate for newer machines, or maybe you are making renovations to your manufacturing plant and need to make room. No matter the cause, we have the expertise and infrastructure to identify, evaluate, and transport your equipment.

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We Buy and Sell Used Industrial Equipment and Machinery

Venti Industrial is a family-owned industrial asset buyer with over 20 years of experience in acquiring pre-owned manufacturing material. We are constantly acquiring more machinery. We buy a wide range of equipment and machinery: fabricating, metalworking, drilling, and more. Give us a call and chat with us about how we can help you!


With ease and safety, sell your surplus inventory to Venti Industrial.One of our expert account managers will become your primary contact.  

venti-industrial motor buyers

Surplus equipment purchasing

We offer on the spot purchase proposal for any industrial inventory

Industrial Asset recovery or Capital recovery consulting

We evaluate the moveable assets of companies…

Decommissioning and Plant Closure

 We plan and execute decommissioning of any type of industrial application.

Conveniently Exchange Your Unused, Excess Inventory, Or Unused Industrial Assets Into Cash. Sell Us  a Single Machine Or Your Entire Plant

Our partners

Our partners include textile, food, chemical, and electronic manufacturers who need assistance managing excess stock and supplies.

In addition, our company helps distributors recoup costs of unused inventory and industrial supplies. And we work with contractors to identify the value of their bonus inventory and provide fair prices for purchase.
Finally, we welcome private individuals who are in need of our excess supply acquirement services.

We work with Contractors – Distributors – Bankruptcy trustees – Operational manufacturers.

Family owned

Superior customer service

Venti Industrial is a family business that specializes in the acquisition of surplus material. Our company does everything to help your business shed outdated, or excess stock and material.

With more than 20 years experience assessing and procuring surplus assets, machinery, and property, our expert account managers provide outstanding service.


Venti Industrial

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