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About us

You might be asking yourself, “how am I going to sell my surplus equipment and machinery?”

Don’t worry, we are often asked this question. As experts in the used machinery and unused industrial asset acquisition industry, we provide the fastest and easiest way for you to turn your equipment into cash. Venti Industrial is able to offer a competitive purchase proposal and pay quickly.

Need to sell or buy your surplus equipment

Move your excess inventory

You may need to move your excess inventory in a hurry for a variety of reasons. Maybe you need to free up valuable real estate for newer machines, or maybe you are making renovations to your manufacturing plant and need to make room. No matter the cause, we have the expertise and infrastructure to identify, evaluate, and transport your equipment. A huge benefit for you is that our network of loading and transportation contacts ensures a smooth transaction from unused machinery to cold hard cash.

Two decades of expertise

With two decades of expertise, our company understands the details of helping you rapidly and methodically. Moreover, we customize our process for your individual needs.You will sell your surplus inventory and unused assets in three simple steps. You tell us what you no longer need, and we swing into action.

Step 1: Inventory

We inventory your unused products and evaluate their condition. When necessary, we will dispatch an expert account manager to your location to inspect your assets. We evaluate the age, condition, and packaging of your products.

Step 2: Proposal

After the evaluation, we will make a fair purchase proposal for your surplus inventory. We guarantee the most competitive prices!

Step 3: Success!

We will have agreed to terms, and from there Venti Industrial will handle the logistics of collecting and transporting your goods. You will not have to worry about customs, nor import/export documents. We offer an easy all-in-one experience, so that you can liquidate your frozen industrial assets and recover some value from them.


That’s it!

In three easy steps, you have gained peace of mind, reduced waste, and moved your business forward. We have helped clients from Canada, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom, and Germany. Contact us now and we can immediately assist you!

Venti Industrial

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